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In this world of unsafe e-mail, it would be nice to encode and decode messages where a person would have a more difficult time in monitoring and reading others peoples e-mail, or hanving the goverment monitor everyones e-mail for key words (like "BOOM")
In the 3 box's below, Cut (Ctrl + A), Copy (Ctrl + C), and Paste (Ctrl + V) a letter into the 1st boxe below, and encrypt the letter by pushing the encrypt button, then Cut Copy and paste the encrypted letter out of the second box, and paste it into an e-mail letter and then send it, The person getting the e-mail would cut copy and paste the code into the 2nd Box and push the Decrypt and Read button. :) enjoy.

Warning !!! When sending this type of text by e-mail you may get a "Post" from your computer ( Message Character Set Conflict ), that the text your sending is not your default charactor set, or that the text your sending is not the Default text your computer is currently using. Your computer may asked you if you want to "Send the Text As Is" or "Send As a Unicode" , Chose to Send As Unicode, You may not be able to decrypt the message if you Send As Is. This encoding system is not perfect and some text may not spell out a complete word, but in most cases you should be able to still figure out what the word is and read the encoded letter with out a problem. Some browser versions do not display some types of code and can contribute to decoding problems.
Enjoy !

Click your mouse in a box to get your curser in that box, High light "Cut" all text (Ctrl + A), "Copy" all texted high lighted (Ctrl + C), "Paste" all texted copyed (Ctrl + V)

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