Welcome to para_chutes LIVE web cam site,
This Pro Web Cam site is a 24 hour Live bite
stream feed, 640X480 screen resolution,
images can be sent at 30 frames per second,
24 bites RGB true color, Cam images are from
my home Office. If we're not in the
office then you may just see a wall of computer
hardware, Fire wall hardware and a few servers, or
we may switch to the out door cam and then its
more of an out door or weather cam. You may see
people walking around out front of the house.
Passwords have been set on some cameras to
keep track of who is watching the cameras.
if you would like a password contact us by E-mail
by clicking this e-mail address link para_chutes@hotmail.com
Thank You

In-Out Computer enabled camera
Click here for para_chutes office Camera

House Cam (One of Three) 24 hr per day Stand Alone Web Cameras
Click here for Para_chutes Cam
Password enabled.

Other Cameras are each Password protected and also located on another password protected page for more security. To get to the other page You Must enter Valid Prodution Code to Access this area, codes are 128 bit encrypted with numbers and letters and case sensitive. Or, click Enter your password...

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E-mail Para_chutes@hotmail.com