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Distance Education

GOLDEN Information

"Deutsche Sommerschule am Atlantik"

Looking for a convenient way to update your instructional skills and knowledge about the teaching and learning of German? The GOLDEN program allows to you to learn the latest instructional strategies and to integrate them directly into your German classroom via online professional development workshops.

New schedule for 2007 posted!

The Goethe-Institut Washington, the University of Nebraska/Lincoln, and the AATG have developed an online continuing education opportunity for teachers of German based on the GOLDEN project with which many of you are already familiar.

Four-week long online workshops will enable teachers to concentrate on DaF-subjects at their own pace. The innovative features of this project include:

  • media-driven, interactive professional development opportunities
  • incorporation of the goals and standards for students of German: communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities
  • development of teachers' technological skills and their integration of the internet into classroom instruction
  • the building of a community/network of German teachers who reflect on their practice grounded in language learning theories and research

The workshops planned for 2007 are:

Reading I:                                1 March – 28 March 2007
Speaking I:                              2 April – 29 April 2007
Reading II:                              1 May – 28 May 2007
Writing III:                               1 June – 28 June 2007
Instructional Planning I:             2 July –  29 July 2007
Speaking II:                             1 August – 28 August 2007
Instructional Planning II:           3 September – 30 September 2007
Writing IV:                              1 October – 28 October 2007

Here are a few short summaries of workshops we will offer this year:

Speaking I
This interactive workshop will give you the opportunity to consider your teaching of "Speaking skills" while working in your own classroom. Being able to analyze the specific functions and formats of Speaking skills is central in determining language proficiency. Your students will benefit by be able to respond with increased confidence and proficiency speaking German in and outside the classroom.

Speaking II
In this interactive workshop you will reflect on your instructional package, including curriculum, textbook, and technological resources. While working in your own environment, you will identify and discuss various exercises that promote different functions of speaking. Within the community formed by the workshop participants, you will also envision different types of activities for use in the classroom, and reflect on the effectiveness of those activities. Benefits your students will receive from your participation in this workshop include being introduced to new methods, strategies and technologies.

Writing III
While the focus in module 2 was on more technique-oriented activities for your class as a whole, this module concentrates on the process of writing and how you can help your students as individual writers become more creative and accomplished in written German. You will be encouraged to examine how textbook authors and teachers guide students in attempting to improve their writing skills. The focus will be on discovering the true purpose of writing: "expressing one's own ideas as convincingly as possible" and giving students "a more sophisticated understanding of content, style, audience and organization" (Corl/Jurasek/ Jurasek 1994c, II, III).

Writing IV
This is the Writing Assessment CEU-Module of GOLDEN that focuses on the what, who and how of writing assessment. You will be led through an exploration that begins by reflecting on your own assessment practices and the function of a foreign language educator from a mere evaluator to focusing on making students better writers. Assessment will be presented as an on-going process that begins when students do their prewriting brainstorming, and continues on throughout the writing endeavor. Activities will include analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of assessment, the nuts and bolts of assessing student writing, and ways to make the best of students’ mistakes, grades, and peer assessment.

Each workshop will be directed by an experienced and trained GOLDEN facilitator. Further, each workshop is independent of the other(s). Thus, one could take the "Reading II" workshop without having first taken "Reading I".

At the successful completion of each workshop, each participant will receive a certificate indicating the earning of 1.0 Professional Development Credit (with 10 contact hours) from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The cost for each workshop is $125 if paying by check or $130 if paying by credit card. If you would like to register, you may obtain the registration form in Word or PDF format at these locations: or The registration deadline for each workshop is one week prior to the start date. Please return to AATG by mail or fax with payment. If there are not at least three people signed up for a workshop, AATG and UNL reserve the right to cancel the workshop and fully refund the participant's registration fee.

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to join your German colleagues on line to share best practices and classroom ideas!