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Welcome to the home page of the Capital City Gun Club.  We feel we have one of the finest trap shooting facillities in North Dakota. Our club is open to the public (membership not required), but members shoot at a reduced fee and are able to participate in league shooting, our youth program, and other club activities. Our Membership fee is only $30 per year and covers the entire family.  We have 13 regulation traps, and one international trap, all with cantabury voice releases. We have also upgraded our traps and now have 8 Pat traps which can throw singles or doubles targets.  Organized events such as regular league, hunters league, doubles and handicap leagues are available.
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  2018 SEASON

April 17 - April 26...Tues and Thurs evenings from 6:00 until dark
May 1--August 23..... T, W, and Th evenings from 6:00 until dark
August 28--Sept 6 ....Tues and Thurs evenings from 6:00 until dark

Family Membership..........................$30.00

Round of 25 targets
         Non-members ......................$7.00
          Members..........................$6.00/13 pair
                                           $12.00/25 pair
          Non-members........ .............$8.00/13 pair
                                           $16.00/25 pair

Member practice card (10 rounds)...........$55.00

Junior practice card (10 rounds)...........$45.00

League target fee..........................$75.00
League sponsor fee.........................$75.00
Youth Program..............................$20.00

League shooting begins on May 15 and runs for 14 weeks. League consists of one round (25 targets) per week. You may have up to 7 shooters on a team (8 if one of them is a junior or sub-junior). The top 4 scores are used to determine the league standings.  You have until May 31 to get your teams organized and shoot your first 3 scores.  After that, you must keep your scores current.  You can shoot up to 4 weeks ahead, so you can plan around other activities you have scheduled for the summer.  Teams do not have to shoot together.

We run several divisions in which we place shooters of similar skill levels.  Scores are handicaped based on the last 4 scores shot. Shooters may use up to a maximum of 9 handicap points.  The handicap is added to the actual score shot to determine the score used in league standings.  The highest handicaped score you may post is a 24, in order to post a 25 (perfect score), you must shoot it.   Handicap is determined by subtracting your average from 25, and rounding down to the nearest whole number.

At the end of league shooting, tropies will be awarded to the individual members of the top teams in each division as well as to the teams sponsor.  Second place teams are awarded a trophy for the team sponsor.  Any ties will be shot off and trophies will be awarded at the annual Family Picnic on August 23.

You may pick up a rooster sheet from the cashier at the gun club, or click here for a printable copy of the league sign-up sheet.

Our youth program begins on June 4th at 6pm. The schedule for the youth program will be determined during the first session.  We have several volunteer coaches that work with  the young shooters to help them develop good fundamental shotgunning skills.  The club supplies all targets and ammunition.  We recommend the youth use thier own shotgun, but we have several youth guns available in the event that someone does not have access to one. We require that participants have passed a hunter safety course, and the parents sign a liability waiver before they begin the youth program.   Waiver forms are available at the club or you may print one by clicking here.  Participants in the youth program must be club members and there is a $20 fee per shooter to cover the cost of ammunition and targets.  
The youth program culminates in participation in the youth event at the ND state trapshoot by the top 15 shooters.  The youth who will participate in the state shoot is determined by shoot off.  The club provides ammunition and pays the participation fees at the state shoot, the shooters pay for an ATA membership of $9.00.

We depend upon parents of the shooters to assist us in providing transportaton.

We have three registered tournaments scheduled in Bismarck this year

Missouri River Shoot --

          June    9  Registration starts at 9:00, shooting at 9:45
              Event 1, 100  Singles
              Event 2, 100  Handicap
              Event 3  50pr Doubles

          June   10   Registration starts at 9:00, shooting at 9:45
              Event 4, 50pr Doubles
              Event 5, 100  Singles
              Event 6, 100  Handicap
Roughrider Shoot -- 

June 22--  Registration starts at 9:00, shooting at 10:00
              Event 1, 100 Singles
              Event 2, 100 Handicap
              Event 3, 50pr Doubles

Juue 23   Registration starts at 8:00, Shooting at 10:00
              Event 4, 200 Singles, Singles Championship

          June 24   Registration starts at 8:00, shooting at 9:00
              Event 5, Doubles Championship
              Event 6, Handicap Championship 
Sharptail Trapshoot --        

          August 18   Registration begins at 9:00, Shooting at 10:00
              Event 1  100  Singles
              Event 2  100  Handicap
              Event 3  50pr Doubles

          August 19   Registration begins at 9:00, Shooting at 9:45                   Event 4  100  Singles
              Event 5  100  Handicap
              Event 6  50pr Doubles

Click here for State Shoot Program